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    Angry CISCO 2500 Router Log in

    I have a Cisco 2500 Router that I can Use some help With....
    I have been trying to connect via TELNET, HYPER TERMIMINAL ect.....
    I have made CROSSOVER RJ-45 wire Assembled a RJ-45 to DB-9f Serial Connector, Tested All wires and Connectors and everything tested OK,,,, Im using 9600 bits per second - 8 DATA BITS - Stop Bits = 1 on my HYPER TERMINAL with NO Flow Control and sometime when I connect I Get An Encripted Text then on a TELNET Session I just Can Not Conect On Port 23 All My Ports Are Opened and so on....

    Does Anybody have any Idea What It is that Im Missing ???

    I have tried this on 4 different computers to make sure it is NOT the SERIAL PORT on the PCs....

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    Try Putty to SSH in.......you will need a proper console cable only if Telnet, SSH and\or the GUI interface is not configured properly....which sounds like the case. Be sure to connect the RJ45 to the Console Port and connect the Serial Port side to the PC......and choose "Serial" in Hyper-Terminal or Putty....

    PS - I would assume "What you are missing" is not choosing "Serial" as the Connection Protocol......

    PSS - A Cisco Console cable is a "Rollover Cable".....not specifically a "Crossover Cable"....Yada Yada ;-)
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