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    hp j4095a vs j4818a

    I have two switches, the HP J4095A and the J4818A. The latter is obviously newer, but I\'m not sure that there will be a benefit in throughput? They\'re both 10/100 switches, the 4818 has a serial port on the front but I don\'t think it\'s for management, I think it\'s for firmware upgrades or something. I haven\'t looked in to it yet. Anybody have suggestions? I probably will just use the newer one just assuming that the throughput will be better, but I like to understand the \"why\"s for everything if I can learn something by it. lol
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    HP J4095A - HP ProCurve Switch 2224 (HP J4095A) 1989 model
    The slot is for a 100Base-FX transceiver connection

    The J4818A manual is at

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