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    Help me select a laptop please

    Hello everyone,

    So I'm deciding to buy a laptop. The 4 items I care about are:

    1- Weight: about 1.5kg is fine (I may go up to 2kg if you recommend me but the lighter the better)
    2- Battery: at least 6hours (for when I'm on the airplane or in the airport)
    3- Price: 600-700 (I'll go up to 800 if you really recommend me )
    4- Average ability to run regular softwares! NO gaming at all.

    However, I don't have that much information about the processors and graphic cards and brands.
    So I managed to make a short! list of some laptops with the above information about them.
    I know can takes you a long time to look at all of them and go through all the details but regarding the processor and graphic card, are there anyones you would recommend (in a cursory look )? I really appreciate any advice. (Also, could you please give me like two recommendations, just in case one is not available ...)

    Thank you so much

    I'm personally thinking about either:
    Lenovo IdeaPad 14" 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3317U Ultrabook (U410)
    Toshiba 13.3" Intel Core i5-2467M Laptop - Refurbished
    VAIO T series
    !!!!!!!!!! because they are so light with about 8 hours batteries!!!!!!!!!!!
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