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    Intel Stock HS & Fans

    As you doubtless know, Intel K-Series (and AMD Black Edition) boxed retail processors ship with a heatsink & fan cooling solution.

    In my experience, to this day even, the AMD HSF solutions are superior, but that doesn't really matter when you buy AMD "Black Edition" or Intel "K-Series" devices? These are for overclocking and are "unlocked", so stock cooling should only be for initial testing?

    Now, as I have been an AMD fanboi for the past 12 years, and had heard things about Sandy Bridge through the grapevine, I thought it was time I bought one and gave it a go.

    The second generation i-7 2600K is rather impressive, but I already have a microwave to cook my TV dinners OK the HSF is adequate for "normal" or "average" computing, but should not have been shipped with an alleged overclocker's device IMO.

    So................. I see that "Sandy Bridge" is being replaced by "Ivy Bridge".................sniff, sniff,

    And, I already have an SB i-7?......................sooooooooooo............an Ivy Bridge third generation 3570 looks interesting as an example of an i-5?

    This came in the usual box with HSF, but quite out of the blue came an Arctic Cooling HSF the size of half a housebrick!................ it was a freebie!

    I have since bought a new case for the i-7, and already have a spare Arctic Cooling HSF that is identical to the i-5's one. That will make them pretty much level with identical SSD's and HDD's.

    I then thought about the case the i-7 is in at the moment.................... so I bought a Celeron G530

    The HSF looks the same as the redundant one from the i-5.................but it isn't............the i-5 one has a copper core and twice the fins at the centre. The Celeron has fins that split into two about half way along, and has a pure aluminium block.

    I shall use the i-5 HSF on the Celeron and leave myself with a pretty basic redundant HSF which seems to have an identical fan as a spare?

    I used Passmark Software's Performance Test 7 and the CPU Mark scores were 10,354 for the i-7 and 8754 for the i-5................ that's way above my AMD Phenom II and FX results, but does it matter?

    I am typing this on an AMD Athlon XP2200+ that is single core, and runs at 1.8GHz.

    The other desktop machine that I use on a daily basis is an XP2400+ at 2.01GHz.

    I haven't built it yet, but I have a gut feel that the new Celeron will prove to be excellent value and totally adequate for this kind of use?

    I shall keep you informrd of my test results.

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    ill stick with amd cpu's they tend to have less heat issues in my experience expeshally with laptops ,iv'e repaired a few newer Intel laptops and have had worse heat issues than with what i have also i find there isn't much performance difference and amd tend to be more stable for what i do which is recording music and picture editing ,ive used a few intels for music editing and whether im using on board sound or a pci slot sound card i had issues with lag and dropping out during recording ,the thing that amazes me is my laptop which is two years old listed here : http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport...reg_R1002_USEN ,works just as well as it was when it was new
    im a Steve Wozniak in a bill gates world

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