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Thread: Security WITHIN a home wireless network

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    Security WITHIN a home wireless network

    Hi all, unfortunately I've joined in order to find a solution to my hacked laptop. I have a HP Pavilion g7 notebook computer, and somehow my roommates within the home wifi system are able to see where I go online. I have stopped remote access, file sharing, and even took it to GeekSquad to have Windows removed and then put back on. The latter seemed to work once, then I don't know if they had enough time to gain access to my computer to mess with it again or if they have some other way (RF signal?) to monitor internet use. I've tried a VPN but it didn't appear to work. I know because said roommates can't keep their mouths shut about this and sound really travels in this house. I have a way now of securing the laptop physically when I'm in the house and I take it out with me wherever I go. Until I can afford to move, is there any way to get them off my computer and prevent these jerks from accessing it again? One of them used to work with computers and also knows people in the field, so she would have access to pretty sophisticated means of hacking.

    The wifi system is AT&T U-verse, if that helps.



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    If you have access to a personal landline or could tether off of your cell phone you could purchase your own internet access. Your activity is being monitored over the network access and traffic not on your laptop. Isolate your laptopfrom that network on your problem will go away, unless your roommates are really crafty.

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