help finding a *job* because I have a felony conviction.
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Thread: help finding a *job* because I have a felony conviction.

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    Lightbulb help finding a *job* because I have a felony conviction.

    I learned in life trying to get a job with a felony conviction is next to impossible. It's the equivalent of trying to get a job without a social security number. Forget what everyone else says; its true. Your in a world of hurt.

    I am a convicted a felon and it is something I'm NOT proud of. I feel like companies 99.9% of them make it hard for convicted felons, to have a decent life in the state of FL and nation wide. I wish they could walk a mile in my shoes, and feel the effects of being a convicted felon. Not every one has the same chances in life and they do what they have to do to take care of thier families.

    Before I had this conviction on my record I was always working (since 16 i'm 32 now) and had some great jobs (retails, sales) jobs in the IT field. Now no luck. On every application they ask that dreaded question "have you ever been convicted of a felony?

    If so, please explain. I gringe when I see this. I am completely honest about it, turn in my application with my resume and they say thank you for your time and then they throw it away.

    So now I answered *NO* to the question, I get the interview, pass the interview, but I always fail the background check. Which costs me the job. If I tell the truth on the application, my application goes right in the trash can. Last week I applied to McDonald's I'm desperate for work I filled out the application online 3 days later they called me in for an interview, passed the interview, I was honest on the application, but again failed the background check. I have lost a

    Manager's job at Goodwill, UPS, UBS, SONY, HHGREG, BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD, VARIOUS RETAIL STORES AND GAS STATIONS, it's winter here so lawn care companies are not hiring and construction is slowed to a halt.

    I tried day laborer but they are 30 miles from the house. I check careerbuilder, snagajob, etc...

    If you were in my situation what would you do? Christmas is around the corner and I need money so my daughter can have a great Christmas. Any ideas suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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