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Not every cop wants to be your damned therapist and work out the details of who started a fight. Not every employer wants to hear you whine about how the world owes you something. Its your first post here. Do you always introduce yourself with a sob story? If so, I can certainly see why those guys beat you up...
Yeah it was a long rant and a sob story, I apologize for that. I honestly don't feel like the world owes me anything and I don't whine to employers. I just want to be judged for what I'm actually convicted of so I have a chance of gaining employment at some point. Most employers will not hire me with the misdemeanor conviction which I have, no employers will hire me while their under the impression that I am convicted of a felony.The ts explains how it feels to walk in his shoes as a convicted felon, I'm walking in those shoes yet I'm not a convicted felon.

I wish that I was beaten up during that altercation, then I wouldn't be dealing my current situation. The only person who got injured was the dude who I punched. That is why I was charged and prosecuted instead of them. Cops do not care who start fights or who was right or wrong. All they care about is arresting the person who inflicted the damage.

The point that I am trying to make is that while I was attending court the prosecuter, my probation officer, and my attorney all told me that if I accepted the plea agreement which I did and successfully completed probation (which I did), that I wouldn't have a felony conviction on my record. I specifically asked all of them if future potential employers would be able to detect if I was convicted of a felony, and they all answered no. I was told as recently as a couple of months ago by all of them to answer the dreaded question of "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" as NO. When I answer no to that question employers thing that I'm a convicted felon who is also a liar.

Don't you see a problem with this?