Hi all!

I know very little of Cyber Security, hence have no idea how easy or difficult my question is.
My friends presented me a teblet with Android OS. What enraged me was the fact that I had to register with Google to even use a calendar!! Let alone listen to the music. For each application download I have to log in to Google.
My understanding is that "they" collect information on you anyway, but hey, what Google does is a bit over the top. That all fell on the fertile ground of what the likes of Assange and Bill Binney are saying.


So, I'm looking for a new phone, that won't have Android with its intrusion. But - what about other OSs? Perhaps they're just as restrictive? Thanks for the advice.

P.S. I've been thinking of using Tor, but I don't understand how they can build applications for anonymity on top of Android. Isn't it absurd?