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    Laptop keyboard and touchpad stopped working after crash

    Hello everyone,

    I have two questions:

    1- I've had this laptop http://www.cnet.com/laptops/sony-vai...-33634228.html ... I used to connect it to an external keyboard, mouse and monitor. A couple of months ago, it stopped working (it really has a looooooong story completely documented in http://www.antionline.com/showthread...-does-not-boot ) until I realized the HDD was dead. After that, not only the HDD is dead, the keyboard and touchpad do not work either so I cannot get to BIOS with the keyboard (if I use my external keyboard that used to work with, it knows the keyboard and I'm fine ... the problem is that I wanted to sell the lappy but the guy was scared knowing the keyboard doesn't work so I decided to try to get it to work!!!!!). My question is that, how much do you think it's likely that if I put a working HDD into it and reinstall the windows, the keyboard and touchpad start working again?

    2- So for the above cause, I need a cheap HDD but don't know if all of them does the job or not. These are the specifications:

    a) NEW! Hitachi 160 GB NOTEBOOK HDD ... SATA 2.5" HDD for installation in laptop/netbook. Can be used as an external drive with USB Adapter.......49$
    b) HITACHI 2.5 GB HDD 7800RPM SATA ...laptop 2.5 HDD 80GB 7200rpm MODEL: HTS721080G9SA00 ...35$
    c) Seagate 20GB 5400rpm SATA1 Laptop HDD ......Features/Specifications:
    Seagate ST920217AS LD25.1 20 GB SATA/150 Notebook Hard Drive ... General Features:
    20 GB storage capacity
    5400 RPM spindle speed
    2 MB buffer
    16 ms average seek time
    Average latency: 5.6 ms
    Serial ATA/150 interface
    2.5-inch form factor
    9.5 mm drive height ..............15$

    So I appreciate to know if all of them are good enough for my test and have the Vista installed on them.

    Thank you so much
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