Hey, it's been two years that i had a computer, i swore that never should touch one again, but you know i got bored, so last week, i bought one again.
Two years ago there was a problem with hotmail, every
email you made, it got hacked in a minute or two, so i thought this was a machine doiing it, it could not be a human. So i made an email called scarlet@hotmail.com and my pasword, i used the username from scarlet, vn750319@scarlet.be, something like that and 2 minutes later " boem " scarlet went down, and when they finally succeeded, hotmail went out, and i guess then the mocbot, so they resetted hotmail and i think they did the same with scarlet, because i had my old, very old, hotmail adress again. The mocbot is located at
redmond, not so far from washinton. I just wanna tell this story because i am very interested in artificial
intelligence. I am going to build a zombienetwork to try to trow of the pedofiles from the internet. They don't belong here.