Hi Anti-fags, long time lurker, never a contributor.

Something has been brought to my attention and I'm becoming slightly more excited by the day. I'm sure that most of you have already heard about it, however, I'm going to post this anyway.

Some of you UK *****ers apparently pulled your heads out of your neighbor's ass in between taking tea, cricket, and snoggin' your aunt, and birthed the Raspberry Pi - http://www.raspberrypi.org/quick-start-guide, God bless them. Actually it was a couple kewl smart smarty farts that didn't know they were changing the world by trying to make a teaching tool.

This, in the true corporate fashion of "I steals your good idea and makes it better", lead to Parallela...leading to?

This is where myself and you douchebags come in....there's OpenCL/Cufail, blah blah, through simple Message Passing and creative programming a single person can control the world.

This is not a joke...one person can now control the world with a small investment.

A counter to my logic... http://parallelis.com/parallela-supe...for-all-of-us/

Think, though, always think....

....welcome to Anon...we do not judge, nor regret...we just go and find effects.

Is there a better way to find God?