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Thread: Apple geniuses couldn't help me, you guys are my last resort!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ac09 View Post
    My suspicions: Trojan Horse or Virus of some sort from a pirated torrent of Office I downloaded to my Mac
    Trojan or Virus from BackTrack5 - downloaded to my Mac and Avast Scan gave me a warning on this file, as well as another file "boot.root loader" that was in my "Resources" folder.
    Any one of my online accounts is compromised in some way: twitter email accounts, maybe even my apple ID ( passwords were all changed after my visit to the Apple store)
    FlashBack Trojan from Adobe, I recently downloaded Adobe Acrobat Pro Trial recently on my Mac before this started to happen and Apple has dedicated a section to Adobe on their security page https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-2472
    user seems to know just what he did wrong at least, first rule of torrents, don't trust the content : second rule of torrent, don't trust the content. can see this is a little old now, and OP hasn't bothered or been able to get back, would imagine he has figured out that deleting suspect torrent, and running full scale security sweep on system in safe mode will have helped, probably system restore too. Also noticed he said WPA key has been changed, so it is a fairly safe bet he is on his way to cleaning it up, but again, the question NOW is how do we engage with a member to make then WANT to come back and let us know it is all now OK, because, I, for one, am now getting to the point that help is no longer so easily given, as I really DO like the happy endings, and with no further input we will never truly know
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    Hi Foxy,

    We have both been on this forum for more years than we care to remember?

    You very rarely get feedback I am afraid, I would say about 10% other than from contributing members.

    Best I had was many years ago............... the guy was in Cape Town and had a USB glitch............... he replied:

    "Well smear me with honey, and throw me to the lesbians; that worked!"

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    Trial software normally has ads on it, it will take a little bit of your bandwidth sending ads to every viewers, now as you mention that you are using pirated stuff it could also be that one, to those people who make free stuff usually took advantage of what they offer and you never know. There are lots of bandwidth monitor software that will help you monitor your broadband usage, one of those is Surplus Meter. Hope it helps. Cheers!

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    and then again, for us veterans at least, posts like the above really make me want to a) bang my head against a brick wall repeatedly or b) tear the information to shreds reducing it to nothing but twaddle as it really provides no useful details... once upon a time I remember wanting to help such a person understand the technology better.


    ... just quickly; bandwidth monitor will give you no advantage or usable info unless it is installed between the gateways and networked computers (IE, proxy or gateway server). ANYway...

    I have always made a point to come back to a forum and reply and actually conclude a thread.
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    Hi there CT1,

    I will lay 100:1 on that the poster is a bot of somesort, but that is not against the rules as far as I am aware, so I can't take action until there is some sort of serious infringement.

    @ Aaron:

    Brace yourself old chap, but not just yet, as it will be a long swim and I will have to renew my passport first

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