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    Your help needed

    Hi Guys,
    This is the message we got on one of our forums.(not computer related forums).To be a member you have to register.Once this person logs in lot of members receive lot of old Pm messages.We have do delete around 50-60 last couple of days. This is one of his post:

    Dont believe the administrators, they will keep deleting this message and we will keep posting it, THIS IS AUSTRALIA AND WE SAY NO!!!.. This is Anonymous. Our efforts free countless innocent people from the malicious activities of governments, corporations and individuals around the world. We have identified this site: "http:*********.com.au as an infectious and malicious site. Attempts at closing this site through legal means has failed in Australia as with 4 other cases in front of us. It IS infected, if you dont believe you have a virus than you are horribly mistaken. Believe what your anti-virus tells you? if you dont believe me, your files themselves will tell the story. OK 1. open windows start 2. in the search bar type %appdata% and enter. 3. when the roaming folder opens scroll all the way to the bottom. you should see a strange file called "ATT9GK" and "Y2JKVOA"(or something to that effect). 4. open the ATT9GK with notepad and see that your keystrokes have been logged. Mal.MSIL.a Mal.MSIL.e are examples of the software the administrators are using.

    What are your suggestions?

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