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    Password restore.

    Hello! I lost some important password, but it still saved in cookie/cash files of Mozilla browser. Can anyone tell if it possible to retrieve it? Thanks

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    Hello Dan, and welcome to AO

    You don't say, but I am guessing that this is a password to a website, and you told FireFox to remember it?

    To be honest, FF changes so rapidly that I am not sure what is possible these days; however have you considered alternative strategies?

    If FireFox is remembering the password that you have forgotten then you should still be able to access the site.............can you do this?

    My thinking is that if you cannot access the site using the FF stored password, then it is obviously corrupted and recovering it would be a waste of time. FF will use what it has stored, I don't know if it backs up the password file, or if it does, how often? If it has overwritten a backup with the corrupted data, then that won't work either.

    Have you backed up your system recently?.................that might be a solution.

    If you can access the site or whatever, then try using the password recovery mechanism, or just change the password.


    The password is not stored in cookies, that stopped many years ago, it will be in a file somewhere. All that gets stored in cookies these days is your use once, session authentication code that is generated by the host server, and does not contain the user password.


    If you open FF and select the "tools" tab then "options" then "security" there is a button down the right to display saved passwords. You might find it there?

    Otherwise, click on the Windows start button and enter %APPDATA%\Mozilla\FireFox\Profiles

    This should give you a display of profiles, you should start with the one with "default" in the name.

    The files are: key3.db and signons.sqlite

    That's for Vista and Windows 7
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