I first put my hand on a computer in 1978....well, to be honest, I never touched the computer, but only the card punch that I needed to use to generate umpteen thousand cards for the program I was writing. Since that time I have always been able to keep my fingers in the IT pie. But there is one thing that is just making me scratch my head - maybe I missed something? Isn't the use of the "Cloud" or whatever people are calling their service a huge potential breach in security - even a threat to national security? The debate about centralized vs. distributed computer processing has been raging since the first printers printed snoopy calendars using x's and o's. It seems that distributed is loosing? "ohhhhh", I hear, "but it is safe. There are experts who are protecting the date". Like the Pentagon doesn't have experts working for them, and they seem to have a sign on their digital butts that says "hack me"!!