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Thread: Nobody to ban spammers

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    Nobody to ban spammers

    Hello everyone,
    There is this guys posting numerous spams under my posts but nobody removes them. This is the post:
    I feel it causes my posts to be ignored while I'm still having problems with my PC
    Any admins to help?

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    They have been dealt with by Steve
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    Not sure why I didn't see this thread earlier.. Sorry.. But yes, spammers do make it past the security checks sometimes...

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    just to add my 02c, the site has a lot of members, and only a few admins, they get there - eventually :P - there is a report this post button on each post ? you could click it, it is supposed to red flag that post to admins
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    Quinstreet is afraid to block spam for fear we'd lose the majority of our traffic.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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