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    Facebook Hacked

    Hello everyone,

    I had my facebook account hacked a couple of days ago. I was able to get it back to change the password..I even deleted unknown apps. But I wanted to know who the hacker was because he spoke with a few friends and harrased them, and he seemed to know specific things about them, which means it's someone I know.

    I downloaded my data archive, and managed to get the IP address, but when I traced it it was the IP of the ISP.
    So is there anyway I could use that IP to know who the real person is?

    Thanks, and sorry if the thread should be in a different topic.

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    More than likely you would need a court order and a lawyer in order to try and convince the ISP to search their logs, find out which of their accounts was using that particular IP address at the time and then release that information to you.

    Note that even with this information it doesn't necessarily mean that the account holder themselves was the one actually using that IP address at the time. It could have been someone else that was using the account owners network -- legally or illegally -- to access the internet and then hack into your Facebook account. (These days it's fairly easy to drive around and find open WiFi networks).

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    Fact is, just because you have the ISP number, the courts would most likely throw it out as you can not prove who at that number actually did it.
    RIAA has been shot down by the courts lately on those grounds.

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