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    Google Pinyin for Chinese Characters

    Hi People

    I am trying to setup Google Pinyin for a chinese lady. Now I downloaded the Chinese Google Pinyin all in Chinese - don't know if there is a English installer - couldn't understand a thing it was all chinese to me

    Anyhow on the serious note - it suppose to be simple to enable. I gather the process is to install the tool, and then go into the regional settings and add the chinese PRC and then they should be a option to use the Chinese Google Pinyin IME. However this option is just not there.

    Could anyone advise how to resolve the issue, is there a Google Pinyin installer that's in English. I hope that doesn't sound stupid.

    Oh she's running Windows XP SP3 32 Bit - Office 2007. I tried it on VM that is also Windows XP SP3 with Office 2010 still the same.

    Update I've tried on my Windows 7 64 bit system- Office 2013 same I do not get the option to add an the Google Pinyin keyboard layout.
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    Well, I want to help you,But I don't understand "google Pinyin keyboard",Maybe you just need a translation.If you can offer me the install images,It will be easy!

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