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    Wireless router security question

    OK folks, I have a question for you, as I do not claim to be an expert on wireless stuff.

    Say that I have a setup something like this:

    Several PCs.....>hub/router.....>gateway......>phone line.......>ISP........>internet

    Say that the hub/router has ports 161 and 4567 permanently open, what security issues (if any) does this present?

    As far as I am aware these ports are not required for anything that I do, and if they were, they would only be open whilst I was doing it, rather than permanently?

    In case you are wondering, NO! I cannot close those two ports, the hub management software won't let me.

    I can think of a workaround, but it would be a gross hack

    I await your replies with interest

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    Per chance you have read this article?

    Looks like you simply loop those ports for a fix.

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    Hi Shay, thanks for the link, which I hadn't read, but is the workaround that I mentioned I knew of

    Yes, I have the BT "Home Hub v3.0" and I wondered about those open ports........................

    I remember that BT were castigated for testing the "phorm" spyware a while back, and I do not trust them one iota.

    I am still awaiting an answer as to what the real security implications are of having these two ports permanently open, but am looking for a proper router in the meantime.

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    nihil glad to help out.

    Unless you can get a Linksys EA4500, which I am using, that is a brand to dodge for a while since it was sold to Belkin which is another brand I dodge.
    Netgear, seems to be the top followed by D-Link and ASUS.

    Don't know what BT is upto, but after reading various posts, I would go with a different brand of router too. @HOME did something like that , but they are gone now.
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