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Thread: AMD FX 8350BE performance

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    AMD FX 8350BE performance

    So, I saw one going cheap and bought it....

    Stuck it on a Gigabyte full ATX board with the supplied cooling.

    The case has 4x120mm fans and one 140mm on the top.

    The memory is Corsair 1886GHz...................8GB

    It scores 7.8/7.9 on the WEI, but I only get 7.4 overall because the SSD and Radeon HD 5770 only just get there.

    I am playing it against my Intel i5 3750K.............that gets 7.6 on the WEI due to the processor being the weakest link. The rest is 7.8/9 (HD6790) I guess that I need to move video cards.

    I am just about to rebuild the Sandybridge i7 2600K, because I need liquid cooling and a bigger case................ I have an HD7970 for that one.

    One comment I will make is that AMD processors ship with a much better cooling solution than Intel, even at stock settings. Both are pretty useless for overclocking.

    Will post more results and some benchmarks later.


    It has been running for a few days now, and the stock cooling seems to have settled down. It runs at around 30C on idle but quickly goes to 41C under load, and I haven't really stress tested it yet. That is a lot better than the Intel i-series stock cooling but still not much use for overclocking.
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