Hello everyone,
My MBO is ASROCK N68 VS3 FX and my CPU is AMD FX 4100. A month ago, my PC stopped working. Read the full story here: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...-power-failure
I requested a replacement because it had warranty. Got the new MBO and CPU three days ago. They were shipped from California to me in Canada!
I tried to assemble it myself but it wouldn't turn on! I figured either I had damaged something or it was wrong wiring! So I gave it to a PC guy for diagnosis and he said both MBO and CPU were dead.
Fortunately, it still has warranty but my question is, which case do you think is the most likely one? Did I cause the damage or can it be something like the power supply passing too much electricity or may it happen during shipment?
I admit that it was my first time setting up a computer but I really didn't do anything especial ((((( I watched a Youtube video and did according to that! I didn't care about touching something connected to the ground to get rid of my own electricity though! thought it wouldn't be serious! May this has killed both MBO and CPU?

I'm worried that same thing is gonna happen to the new MBO and CPU I'm gonna get soon...
Please let me know what you guys think

PS. this is really not gonna be economical if it happens again! I had to pay 35 bucks to the guy for diagnosis and have to pay for shipment of two MBOs to California .. sigh ... they will refund the price of one of them cause it's on hold till I send them the defective part ... I will definitely buy PCs from local stores in future .. another sigh!