how to communicate for free US- Europe?
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Thread: how to communicate for free US- Europe?

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    how to communicate for free US- Europe?

    hello guys,
    my boyfriend is going to Europe on exchange programme next semester.
    we would like to stay in touch all the time and download on our phones (i have a samsung, he has an iphone) some app that will allow us for free calling, texting, maybe even video conferences.
    have you heard/used something proper what works for both- the US and Europe?
    thx for help!

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    I have been using VIPPIE for at least 3months. At the beginning with my family/friends, when i went abroad for training (Germany).
    Then I started use it to maintain contacts with my new friends. You can call landlines as well and i discovered that it's cheaper than normal phones via mobiles.
    You can check out how much you will pay for calling Europe on their website.

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    if you have data plan on your iphone, then there's a lot of way. You can do what's app, skype, etc

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