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    Auto-delete texts? i

    want my app to send secure text messages that I or user can auto set to delete from the receiving device
    i think I need an api of some sort because I think it would take a lot of work to write something like that
    anyone know of such a auto delete secure text api or coding?

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    The medical industry uses Tigertext for HIPAA (patient info security laws) compliant secure texting and it has an auto-delete feature, as well as remote delete.

    I read recently that they have an API called TigerConnect. You can find it on their developer site:


    I looked for some others, but they were the only secure text messaging that has an API.

    Even with the TigerConnect API, you will need to work it for iPhone and integration into your app.

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    Hey, thanks for the advice, I will check out the Tigerconnect api.

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