Hi everyone,

I have a problem on a forum where I am a super-moderator and cant find any other reports of it here or elswere online.

What is happening is that in the last few months every new member who registers is shown as having an IP from googles range, is the most common but other 74.125.###.## show up as well. These are all from google HQ in Mountain View, California.

It has now got to the stage where everybody who logs in to the forum is shown as having a google IP from this range.
I myself am shown on the forum at the moment as having logged on from but I know that I am actually on (Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK).

As we use the IP (as well as username and email) to check new registrations against stopforumspam.com then having google IPs for everyone who registers is defeating this check.

Has anybody come across this happening on their website/forum and if so did you find out why it was happening and how to stop it.

For info the forum is run on vBulletin and we have adsense and spam-o-matic running.
I have supermod rights there not admin so will need to pass on any suggestions to the administrator who is also baffled as to why this has suddenly started happening.

Thanks Nukecad