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    Child Porn Violations

    Too many websites are allowing child porn onto there websites. This is a threat to web surfing and searching, because of hacking and intrustions by child porns. I need help in combating these problems and have join this website to ask for assistances. `Also I have some child porn materials I would like to discuss. Any and all comments requested.

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    Hi Eoutlaw64, and welcome to AO

    Over here in England CP is bad news and totally banned...............it is a criminal offence with a mandatory prison sentence. Therefore a legitimate site would not allow it...............BUT, like malware, they often do not have the expertise or resources, so they get sort of "invaded".

    However, I feel that these days most of this garbage is living in "the cloud" on file repository sites. These are pretty anonymous, and so, relatively safe for the pornoscum.

    If I go into a bar, restaurant or cafe with free WiFi, I see people using it with tablets and smartphones................those have zilch storage, so they must use the cloud? I don't think I have seen anyone using a laptop or netbook in the last 2 years!

    Steve is quite correct; if you see it..............REPORT IT!!!

    Don't bother with Canada though, as the RCMP don't accept internet reporting................. total *******s IMO, and yes, I have tried.

    Good luck, but I think that technology has just made it easier for "these persons who were born out of wedlock"


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    It was an internet fraud/scam apparently coming from Canada. Not something that you or I would have fallen for, but there are those that might.

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