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    A Server in Home

    I have a old celron computer, just wasting my room space, I got an idea that, instead of wasting that hardware can i design a server through that system. It have 20 GB HDD and 256MB x2 512 RAM, running at a nice speed.

    How can i proceed the work to use it as server, i had centos package already, then which are the software i require additionally, for which type of internet connection i want to consult ISP ?

    I know it will not bring a professional service like xeon, but only need what it can provide ..

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    What OS are you going to use?

    I just network old computers and use them for file servers.

    Some questions that you need to answer for yourself.

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    Seems pretty decent for a file server, but if you were to use the server as a backup, you may need to get a larger hard drive.
    A file server for essential items like documents and pictures is ideal. As for music and videos, the 20Gb hard drive may be a bit small for a large collection.
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    Your 20GB HDD is too small for a home server, unless it is a mail server?

    I just bought an HP Proliant home server, it came with a 250GB HDD and 2GB of RAM (1333MHz DDR3). So, it now has 8GB of RAM and 2x2TB 7,200rpm HDDs..................a bit closer to what you will want, I suspect?

    I have MS Windows Home Server 2011 as an OS
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    You have to Microsoft server 2010 ..

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    From what I've understood - it has to be a web server, In that case 20GB can be enough - it depends what data will be stored.
    There are couple of manuals on the internet showing how to do it: This one is quite understandable:

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    No it is not useful for becoming a server.

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    Which OS will you be using along with the server

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