Hi All,

At My work place have 9 people in three shifts, we use a common mail ID to send and receive mail. We have three computers in which we are using outlook 2007. We can use IMAP and Exchange account. We are not authorized to use the pop3 configuration.
We have configured the first computer with exchange account and the second computer with the IMAP account. Now we want to configure the third computer.
We have configured the third computer with Exchange account. But once the mail is received in the third computer it stay there for a while and then disappears, at the same time , we are able to receive the same email in IMAP account configured computer. Once the Mail is disappeared from the third computer we can see the same mail in the Second one.
So we deleted the exchange account in the third computer and configured with IMAP account. Now the issue is both the IMAP configured computer is not havening the same mail. Any one computer will have the mail.

Please find out a sloution for me on this issue.