For a little anonymity I won't say which company I work for but I will say it is dsl based service. I have spent the morning working for a business customer trying to resolve slow surf issues. I changed ports in the central office. I swapped routers. I tried several different terminals with and without the others connected and I never surfed over 1meg on a 6 meg circuit. I had the dslam checked and the username verified for not being on a static ip or anything else that could slow them down. It wasn't until I swapped the username and password out for my personal one that I was able to surf at the right rate. I then put the customers info back in and the problem remained corrected. this isp offers dsl and their next generation service which is ptm vs atm. So my question, could/would there be the possibility that these older platform users are being throttled back in a bid to convince them to upgrade to the other service offered? The only characteristics that changed on the whole circuit with the username swap was that the ip address pulled was from a different bank.