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    editing of TCP packet headers using Ettercap

    Hi everyone,

    i am new to network security, and i have some questions regarding Ettercap software, but first i need to give you a quick idea why i need it.

    i am a testing engineer in a a company that develops embedded systems, and softwares. i am using a Hardware in the loop (testing PC connected to the real hardware through an Ethernet LAN) to check on the integrity of the processors boards.

    i am facing a problem that the connection between the boards and the PC fails every time i am trying to connect coz the headers of the TCP packets being sent from the PC (testing software) include some wrong contents (xFFFF instead of x0000).

    i need to modify these packets in real time, so i searched the internet for programs that do so, and i found ettercap.

    unfortunately, i've found that ettercap can only change in the payload of the packet, and not the header.

    1- is it possible that ettercap - maybe after a modify in source code - can change the headers of packets.
    2- after that how can this source code be compiled under windows, (win 7 specifically)?

    thanks in advance

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    yup, i unfortunately we don't, . i studied a little about networks in collage, but never practiced as its a little far from my filed of study.

    thanks for your reply, and it'll be great, if you could mention a couple of names for such programs .

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    Here is one you might want to use http://code.google.com/p/ostinato/ there are many others.
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    hi bAgZ,

    Thanks for alot for replying man

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    hi AronMawell,

    dSPACE, http://www.dspace.com/en/inc/home.cfm

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