What's up Antionline.com I have a couple of quick questions in the office were I do side computer jobs they have 2 workstations running Windows 8. They also have a stand alone all-in-one (fax, scanner, copier, printer etc.,.) anyways, they want the faxes to display on the computer (they want to be able to pick and choose what they can print out from the PC) Problem is there is NO FAX Server, and either system doesn't have a mode/fax card. I don't want to be able to send and recieve faxes from the computer from the unit I just want the image to display on the computer.

PS they had this working with windows XP but a rumor I heard they make you pay for the service now.

I tried running the fax service but it couldn't find it since one wasn't there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.