Hello Fellow members of AO. I have a few questions when you guys do technical support onsite on a clients computer what software do you use recommend to remove pop ups? spyware, adware, for viruses?

I had a client yesterday and I set her pop up blocker to high in IE and they were still popping up. (i fixed issue) had to remove 3rd party apps to fix it.

2.) To remove spyware what software do you use? I use spybot search and destroy.

3.)For Malware I'm running Malware Anti-Malware bytes program,

4.) For virus software I use Free version of AVG.

5.) I also run and use Teamviwer, and process explorer and other apps from sysutlilities.

so what software do you have/use in your "toolbox"? My business is picking up a little bit so I want to learn what the pros use. Thanks, Mike