Network security is very important, especially for business network. I read this article which mentions many employees put their employers' businesses at risk of viruses and security violations. Most access their private e-mail from their work desktops and habitually enter their work e-mail addresses into chatrooms, newsgroups and e-commerce websites. It seem reasonable that employers should take action to protect their business network.*

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Here comes my question:

The following website mentions to combine multiple security products into a single platform, then employer's can limit their employees more easily. *Is this widely used nowadays in companies?

*"UTM brings together previously disparate security platforms and technologies. A typical UTM solution will have a broad base of functionality including firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), network-based anti-virus and anti-spam intrusion prevention, content filtering, user authentication and even load balancing. UTM must now protect against a wide variety of threats from both external and internal sources. While not necessarily complicit in any attack, employees (and their computers/laptops) are being targeted as "softer" entry points into a network. Internal user control and identity-based policies are now increasingly important so as to limit who can do what..."*


Does this mean that employee's every action are limited and controlled? Any real example?