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    Question avast! Internet Security - 3 years protection - price


    I'm here because I have a problem and i hope you can help me (considering that you are the experts)

    I found on a forum (with second-hand products for sale) a 3-years protection licence for avast! that was bought from their official website, but the buyer changed his mind and decided to sell it for... here comes the problem: 50 Canadian Dollars. I'm not from Canada and I'm not very sure about the price... Am I fooled? This is about 36 Euro (according to http://www.currency-converter-calcul...ert/CAD/EUR/50) but I don't know if I should trust this converter or not... Some advice?

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    Contact your local bank or try any of the other 500 currency converter web sites

    Odds are no one here have ever used the one you linked too.

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    One I use for a guesstimation

    But as values change daily, I hit the bank.

    EU 36.40 seems about right.

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