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    Recovering deleted files

    Hello everyone. I here's the thing. I am an accountant, mostly working at home, and accept orders from the Internet. Recently, I read an article which tells about recovering deleted files. According to the authors, it is possible to recover virtually all the erased data. Me and my clients I would not like to have someone that could capture sensitive information. Tell me, is it possible to delete files without the possibility to recover them? Encourage safe and easy solution to this problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Until they are over written, yes files can be recovered.

    I have used the data recovery programs successfully, and the wipe free space in CCleaner to bury stuff that was marked in windows as deleted, beyond recovery.

    Maybe this will answer your question.

    There are other programs that do the same thing.

    For most type of usage 3 passes is plenty. And it does take a long time , like forever it seems, to bury data on a hdd. 10 passes meets government standards.

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    Try SpinRite.

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