For example, I try to set up a new account at a new web site. I come to a field that asks for crucial information. I type a B and get an H, repeatedly. I need that B. I contact their support. They do not address the issue. That little glitch kills that site for me.

A password that worked two weeks ago on an established account no longer works, so I reset the password. The new password works, then it doesn't, then it does. The site requires serial information, then I save and continue. When I get to check out, an item I thought I had included in my cart does not show up at checkout. Plus, the site tells me I failed to complete steps, 3,4,5. I had to complete those steps to get to checkout. Something does not add up.

A rep at another web site sends me direct links to my material posted online. One link shows the material, a second link only goes to the home page, even though my name is listed in the link.

I've experienced a number of such glitches lately. What is the likely cause? A virus in my computer? A hacker? A random ghost in the machine?

What gives here?