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Thread: Motorola 3347 Qw-st QM02-7.8.4r10 firmware

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    Unhappy Motorola 3347 Qw-st QM02-7.8.4r10 firmware

    Anyone know the cli admin credentials to get in to one of these?
    I wish I knew how to get it out of the firmware file itself.
    Anyone know how to use binwalk and teach me? Ha ha.
    I want to use the CLI to automate tasks like rebooting this thing at 3am when I'm asleep, back up the config every once in a while, that kind of thing. Its annoying that Qw won't tell me even though I own the modem.
    Just figured I'd post in here cause I can't seem to find anything about the CLI admin password anywhere on the net. I'm guessing Qw guards that... they probably force remote access so they can troubleshoot etc etc but hey... it's MY modem and I got ripped-- er I mean bought it from them fair n square. lol
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    This should point you in the right direction. Line # 7.

    Now that .pdf is a hot link.

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    Thanks, I'll give that a try...
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