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Thread: Apparently the Iphone isnt as secure as advertised, but how is it hacked?

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    Exclamation Apparently the Iphone isnt as secure as advertised, but how is it hacked?

    When I bought my Iphone 4s about a year ago, I assumed and was told it was nearly 100% safe from hacking/spyware, etc. If you go to Apple's site, they will basically tell you the same most times. So will the civilian "experts" who post there. They say that even if it was somehow hacked, it only happens to a jailbroken one, and yu'd be able to find the Cydia app listed with your other apps in your phone. Then they tell you all you have to do is a factory reset, and viola! Its all good and safe again.... But again, some even say it cant be hacked.

    I'm no expert, and I'm 99% sure that I understand less about smart phone technology or computers in general than most people here. But what I do know, is that my iphone 4s was hacked, and even after I did the factory reset, 'they' were still able to access my phone the very next day. I talked to 2 different apple techs over the phone last week about iphone security. I got the expected results: The first guy said he'd never heard of a smart phone being hacked, and the 2 guy I spoke with 2 days later told me that ANY smart phone can be hacked, including the iphone 4s, and all it takes is for the hacker to either send you an infected text, email or even a call! You may very well not see Cydia on your phone's app list either. After spending much time explaining the iphone issues I was/am having, I was sent to the apple store and quickly given a new phone. The issues I'm having are with a family member and his friends, who apparently are very technically savy when it comes to hacking. I'm not going to spend 20 paragraphs going into the hows and why's of why a family member is hacking my phone(and my computer), but if you want to better understand why something like this is happening, here's 2 links that explain it with complete accuracy: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sociopath and http://depressiond.org/sociopath-soc...lity-disorder/

    Anyway, after getting my new phone, the very next day it started acting up. I dont do ANY textng, and I dont even have texting turned on with my service. The only texts I get are from AT&T about my bill, but I dont have to text them back. So, I put my new phone on my end table and go to bead. As always I click it back to the homescreen, then after 1 minute the passcode lock come on and it gets dark. The next morning I wake up, grab my phone and I enter the passcode. But as soon as it comes out of passcode lock, it goes right into the messaging area, where the name of a person was partially entered into the address bar there. In order for that to be an accident, I would have had to sleep dial. I dont text when I'm awake, and certainly dont text when I'm asleep!

    But that wasnt the first issue. Just the day before the older iphone 4s was opening up from passcode lock in the middle of an internet search! The phone had been off for over 5 minutes. Not only that, but the search was a topic I hadnt personally searched. Just before that, it mysteriously jumped into the photo area without being touched. Before that, it went into the music area, which I literally never use! Thats all in just a 15 minute period of time. Before that, I'd sometimes wake up and the batteries would be near dead, even though I'd charged it before I went to bed. The batteries would be hot some times when I wasnt using it. Phone calls would mysteriously hang up, which just happened again last night with my new phone. The slide up control panel would be on, even though I hadnt touched the screen(this morning-new phone).

    If this stuff was happening in a vaccuum, then I'd still be leery of whats going on here, but when you combine the issues with my iphone, with the breaking into my truck, the other routine issues I'm having with this family member, its obvious that this isnt a random cooincidence. Its been hacked, and it tells me that these things arent as safe as we are told, although most people will never have to deal with this. When I looked for security software I could download, I expected to find stuff just like you'd find for any other computer. But what I found was a bunch of anti-spy and security software for the non-Apple smart phones, but almost nothing for the iphone. Thats probably because of the accepted propaganda that this thing is 100% safe, and doesnt need any upgraded or improved security software. That no doubt is good news for the hackers out there!

    So, what to do with this thing? I have been occasionally switching off the celular date switch, whch supposedly prevents cell signals from going in or out, and turn the wifi off(its usually not connected anyway). But I wonder how does a hacker access your iphone remotely?

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    Looks like they have programs for that.


    Glad i still have the old phone on the wall.

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