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Thread: This is for the owners / administrators of AO

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    This is for the owners / administrators of AO

    Good Day:

    Somewhere there has to be a copy of the hacked karma program that was 'Anti-Points'. Any chance I could get a copy? IM me please if there is a chance I can get a copy.


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    If I'm not mistaken, we took the database that contained posts and member info and restored it to a standard version of vBulletin. All the hack stuff would be sitting on a server somewhere....

    But who ever did the hack stuff got it from somewhere...

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    Dino unless your planning on using it on a 2.* installation it is kinda out-dated and would require a fair bit of "Hacking" to make it work on 3.* / 4.* vb versions. Why not just mod the current incarnation of the Reputation system ?

    other then that if it hasn't been pruned yet you should be able to find the OP topic that JP posted @vbulletin.com under the username ao-admin or AOadmin the avator resembles a cookie monster on a orange background

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