how many temp folders are in the computer
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Thread: how many temp folders are in the computer

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    how many temp folders are in the computer

    I can find three




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    The C:\Temp was put there by a human...

    The Windows folder also has one. Other than that, you can always search your hard drive.

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    I have 24.

    I use " search everything " Sure beats that silly search windows has.

    TFC does a good enough job for me.

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    Well guys (Merry Christmas BTW), I have over 40; but I am testing a screen so I have activated a few old (free) guess is that they generate them?


    What version of Windows? and why are you asking? ..... sounds like you might have a malware problem?.......hey, you can be upfront here.......that's what we are about
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    Libre Office made a bunch for me.
    Merry Christmas!

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