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    How to choose breast pumps - essential tips on pick the right one

    Because there is such a wide range of breast pumps on the market, deciding “what's the best breast pump” to buy can be a daunting task. Fret not! Whether you need to go back to work or need to share nighttime feeding sessions with your husband, there are many models to choose from. We’ll provide you with some of the most important tips so you can decide which one is the best for you.

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    1. Identify your pumping frequency.

    If a breast pump is already on your shopping list when you’re pregnant, then we would recommend you to wait till your baby is born. The reason is most moms would better know how they are going to use their pumps once they have the baby with them. Let’s say if you need to return to work full time, then you’ll need an electric pump as it is more efficient. However, if you are only separated from your little one occasionally, then a manual pump would be enough.

    2. Make sure that the suction is adjustable

    The best type of breast pump always ensures your comfort. However, what is considered to be comfortable to your friend might not be comfortable for you. Given this, if you are keen on electricity or battery-powered pumps, it’s best to pick the one that is equipped with the digital control so that you can adjust the suction and speed.


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    3. The breast shields need to be the right size

    Most shoppers only pay attention to the pump types, motor, and the suction efficiency while ignoring the breast shields. However, these little shields can cause discomfort if they are not the right size. Best breast pump brands always include a few options of alternative sizes in case moms need a replacement. So check with your retailers or manufacturers.

    4. Pick the portable and easy to use pumps

    Top breast pumps are bound to be user-friendly. They are easy to assemble, convenient to use, and simple to take apart for cleaning. However, not all of them are light and versatile. So if you need to go back to work pretty soon, then pick the lightweight and portable models. More importantly, working moms also want to purchase quiet pumps to be discreet. Therefore, noise levels of your breast pumps should be taken into consideration as well.

    5. Consider a few essential accessories

    Breast pumping can be time-consuming, and this is why pump manufacturers offer moms many accessories so that the pumping process can be as easy and enjoyable as possible. Hands-free pumping bras are one of those as they give you the freedom to do other tasks or to relax while pumping. Cleaning products, breast pump bags, vehicle power adapter, or breast shields in various sizes are also other essentials that moms would find useful.

    The bottom line

    As every mom has her unique lifestyle, employment status, and pumping frequency, there is no one-size-fits-all advice for all moms. Before making a purchase decision, it is best to identify your needs and your budget. Also, moms need to know how long you are going to breastfeed and whether you’ll be away from your baby for a full-time job or just away from him/her occasionally. We hope our post has given you the answer to the most common question, “what are the Top Rated Breast Pumps ." Click share if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.
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