is it a good idea to encrypt your folders (on your desk top)
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Thread: is it a good idea to encrypt your folders (on your desk top)

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    is it a good idea to encrypt your folders (on your desk top)

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    I never had. First it would slow things down and I keep sensitive stuff off my comuters.

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    encryption is your friend.... I use full disk encryption, EFS and truecrypt....

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    I think it is a terrible idea and it will almost certainly wreck your operating system. IMHO encryption should be used only under the following circumstances:
    For sensitive data files.
    If you are fully familiar with file encryption techniques, key files, backup and restore issues.

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    Data-encryption alternatives to TrueCrypt - by Lincoln Spector
    Full-drive encryption makes the most sense if you work primarily and continuously with sensitive information — as in accounting. In most cases, an encrypted partition makes more sense; it’s nearly as secure as full-drive encryption and offers more flexibility. File-by-file encryption is the least secure but is worth considering if you can’t use drive/partition encryption

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    don't think it matters

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