My name speaks all, but not everything. I'm a computer engineer and I know I should know better this subject, but I don't.

My computer was apparently "trolled" by a friend/enemy. Some desktop icons which I care a lot, about 20 of them had just vanished; and I'm SURE my mother and my cats couldn't do it by accident because here is the complex path to achieve that goal:

The Complex path
  1. Select the icons (they were contiguous, one side by side to the other)
  2. Delete
  3. Confirm deletion
  4. Click the Recycle Bin
  5. Choose Clean
  6. Confirm cleaning

I REALLY don't think that it can be done by accident. I specifically asked my mother and my father and both confirmed that they did not executed The Complex Path. Unfortunately I could not ask my cats, they don't speak my verbal language.


Please help me.

I want to protect my computer (and online accounts) with all my strength.

Help me to achieve this please.

Best Regards,