Hello, I am in a spot with my Strata. They don't like us b/c we are a younger couple with two noisy kids. We did not know they wanted a no kids building when we bought. They have been unfairly imposing all rules and authority they can in order to harass us out. This is being crafted by a previous owner who is also a Property Manager. I need to connect his hand to all of this because his Property Management Licence has been removed by the Real Estate Board, and he just does not like us. I had dreamed of being able to show his hand in all of this as I knew it was. In preparing our court case I came across something that may show his hand clearer than anything I could have hoped for; Word Document Properties. I have over 80 Word docs which are authored by this person. Even better, I believe the Modification and Editing time show exactly how this hand was actually the mind of our Council.

It is important to note that the validity of the Properties; Authorship, dates and times are validated/encapsulated by the fact that the documents are sent out to all Strata Members in the same email, at the same time. This means that the Council could not claim that I changed the Properties. They are encapsulated by the email and cc all other members. In other words they would all have to lie and say that their Properties are different.

(note; the following names have been changed)

The Properties of the word documents received from the Council President indicate that Harmati and Harmati Management were actively working with the Strata President in contravention of his lifetime ban on Property Management. Further, the details of modifications and editing time show the degree to which Mr. Harmati was doing the work of Council. Also, there are over 80 word documents with similar properties so evidence is ample.

Therefore I believe I have proof of Mr Harmati working with the council only to harass us. Now I need to define the degree to which he was working, as the mind of the Council. I hope that the Modification and Editing Properties can do this. For this I need to understand the definitions and interrelationship of the Modification and Editing times. My assumptions are as follows;

Author = the Author of the document
Created = the date the Author first wrote the document
Last Modified by = the last person to edit the document
Last Modified = the date the last modifications were made
Total Editing Time = the time taken during the last modification of the document, by the last modifier(?) Are these definitions correct?

With this assumed definitions (PLEASE CONFIRM OR CORRECT) I would like to proceed in analyzing the document properties to paint the actual picture of how the Council was run by Harmati. Or, that the mind of the Council was run by Harmati Mgt through the following workflow;
1. Harmati Management Drafts body of Council Letters/Business
- “Created” dates is captured
- TotalEditing time unknown because it is later “Modified” (Step 3?)
2. Mr. Harmati then sends/transfers the work to Council President
- Likely emailed
3. Council President “Modifies” with rubber stamp
- captured by “Last Modified” Person and Date, as well as
- the “Total Editing Time” represents the time the President spends editing the work of the Author

As I understand the time elements as they relate to the Creation and Modification could be manipulated by changing the PC Clock. This would allow a change to the time and date of these properties. BUT my assumption, is that the interrelationship is fixed. For example the if the Creation Date is 5 days before the modification, then it will always be a 5 day difference, or more importantly the Editing Time, would not change?
Again, keep in mind all the data is validated as is because it was sent in a group email. They would have to all change their properties in unison.

Here are some sample document properties and the conclusions I would like to come to. Note, there are about 80 Word Documents with Harmati Management as the Author. Now I need to show that the President and Council were largely cut and pasting the work.

1. Letter to Strata Lot re nannyshare.doc
a. Properties
i. Size 27.5KB
ii. Pages blank
iii. Words blank
iv. Total Editing time 0 Minutes
v. Title Harmati Management ltd.
vi. Company harmati management ltd.
vii. Last Modified 7,24 2013 1:59pm
viii. Created 7,24,2013 1:59pm
ix. Author Sam Harmati
x. Last Modified by Dale McCormick

Looks like a copy and paste into the letterhead shown in box. This uses the standard letterhead for the Strata. My assumption is that this is the standard workflow; Authored by Harmati, Cut and paste or saved by the President
Another key document
Words Blank
Total Editing Time 0 Minutes
Title Harmati Management
Company Harmati Management
Related Dates;
Last Modified 4/24/2013 10:40
Created 4/24/2013 10:40
Last Printed 9/19/2012 8:08
Related People
Author Sam Harmati
Last modified by Dale McCormick

Here is one with some Editing Time;
Words Blank
Total Editing Time 23 Minutes
Title Harmati Management
Company Harmati Management
Related Dates;
Last Modified 4/24/2013 10:40
Created 4/24/2013 10:40
Last Printed 9/19/2012 8:08
Related People
Author Sam Harmati
Last modified by Evan Lang

In this case the Council Secretary is Evan Lang, he appears to have edited the document for 23 minutes.

In summary it is the editing that I need to validate. 85% of the documents have editing times of 0 – 3minutes. Can I conclude that the Editing was done by the “Last modified by”?
If so, I will be able to show that these guys are still operating in the background. Handling and guiding the information.

Can you confirm the interrelationship of "Last Modified" and "Total Editing Time".

Are there any other newbie methods of analyzing this information?
Thank you very much,