hi, my question about exchange is following, let's imagine we have an corporation with win servers and ad users, who also have email accounts in exchange, everything is working fine from corp pc with the emails, user folders are updated s.o. , but a user who want to send emails from its home pc , says that when sending emails from home using outlook, the send folder does not keep its letters, now i now that when using IMAP this should not be a problem even from a home pc, the problem is that i don't see where this change can be done, if that's the problem, the only option i see is to create new email acc on the home pc, can this happen without deleting the old acc, and what will happen if i delete it?

the second is about windows ad, we have and corp with thousands of users, and every pc has pc name, now if we change the current pc with new ones , new installs s.o. , can we remove old pc names , so that we don't have to think of new one , and how will this affect the ad , thanks a lot , sorry if this not the right place to ask