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    Help with Aspire 5740-5255 laptop

    Hello fellow members of AO. I have an Aspire 5740 laptop that is not loading into windows. It keeps rebooting into this continuous cycle at the BIOS screen (which is a Phoenix) I can boot into BIOS by pressing the F2 key and I can see the Hitachi hard drive etc... but it's not doing nothing.

    Prior to this, I had the Flash Player Update Virus (2 days ago) I boot it up now and this continuous loop at the BIOS screen where it acts like it wants to load but it does nothing.

    Any tips, tricks, ANYTHING you guys can recommend is greatly appreciated... Thanks, Mike


    update thing I just got done trying;

    unplugging battery and power cord, and I hold the power button for 30 seconds tried each one separately, booting too, same issue.

    I reset the BIOS to the factory settings. Same issue.

    I reset the hard drive in the laptop same issue. Also, did the same with the ram. Booted it up same issue.

    I don't have any recovery disks or nothing like that came with the system....

    Again, all help is greatly appreciated.
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    Download the proper Windows ISO from DigitalRiver (or a torrent site if it's an older Windows) and simply run a system repair. Vista, 7, and 8 all have fancy diagnostics that can be run. In most cases I use the MSDaRT disks for this, but the normal Windows disks work as well.

    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-24208.iso 2147483647 X17-24208.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-24209.iso 2147483647 X17-24209.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 English
    2147483647 X17-24280.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-24281.iso 2147483647 X17-24281.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 English
    2147483647 X17-24394.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-24395.iso 2147483647 X17-24395.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x64 English Win 7 SP1
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-58996.iso 2147483647 X17-58996.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-58997.iso 2147483647 X17-58997.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59183.iso 2147483647 X17-59183.iso Windows 7 Professional x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59186.iso 2147483647 X17-59186.iso Windows 7 Professional x64 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59335.iso 2147483647 X17-59335.iso Windows 7 Professional N x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59337.iso 2147483647 X17-59337.iso Windows 7 Professional N x64 English
    2147483647 X17-59463.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x86 English
    http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59465.iso 2147483647 X17-59465.iso Windows 7 Ultimate x64 English
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    UPDATE: After researching online "after I posted this thread", I found an article that said if you hit "alt + F10" at the ACER splash screen, it will run their e-recovery software. From here you can "restore OS and retain user data" or "completely restore system to factory defaults" I did this but got an error message saying WIM/SWM file does not exist and it both options don't work. I believe my hard drive is no good at this point. It wont even do a factory settings... Thanks for the replies

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    The Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) to CD. It has Hard Drive diagnostics (plus much more). Simply boot your computer from this CD and select the utility you want to run.

    Note: If you aren't sure who made the hard drive in your computer, use Seagate's Seatools as it will work with most any make of drive.

    The following instructions may prove helpful for burning the UBCD .iso file to disc: How can I write (burn) ISO files to CD or DVD?

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