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Thread: book for windows server

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    book for windows server

    Hi , I want someone to recommend a really good book about windows server. I know there a lots of books out there, but i'm looking for one that describes all important for ws, like ac ,how things work and s.o. ,but not in tons of pages, only essentials.

    Another book that i'm looking for must be about deployment scenarios , but with real examples and again only essentials, like what structure to choose , how to deploy, how many servers i need , what to install on diff servers, why, how to organize the network, this may be diff book (what kind of switches i'll need and so on .
    i hope i get my point, very essential things that explain why thing must be done one way or another.

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    i'm looking for an advise here, if someone can offer such books or materials, the joke is nice, but of no help. Isn't here anyone who can recommend such books? where are the experts ?

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    I am searching window sever book so any website for book, share me.

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