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Thread: Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2 failure.

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    Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2 failure.

    Hi Guys(and girls)

    OK Before I get flamed, I know Vista is a banned word for obvious reasons.

    However that been said, I've been given a Vista laptop to fix running Home Basic SP1. The guy said it won't connect to Wireless network, this appears to have been a simple issue of time settings wrong on the laptop.

    OK so I corrected the time, and removed AVG and installed Avast ran virus check and everything was fine apart from a dodgy bho object that was removed.

    Now I thought I would update the machine to SP2 and apply all necessary hotfixes. Now this is way my issue occurs SP2 will not install, I've downloaded it twice on two different machines and i've tried to update via updates on the device itself. It always fails with I/O error, I've tested the memory on the device and that seems ok, and i done a few basic tests with the HD (Nothing intensive) the error code is

    The installation was not successful

    The request was not installed because of device I/O error

    Error ERROR_IO_DEVICE(0x8007045D)

    I've just found this article
    So I've ran check disk and it reports 8 KB of Bad sectors - so it's clear the drive has BS I will see if the CHKDSK /f fixes the problem and report back.

    In the meantime if anyone has any advice apart from replacing the OS (or reinstalling) I would very much appreciate it

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