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    I literally just got this system from a Doctor 2 hours ago. It was given to him by his nurse. Anyways, I told him I would do a factory reset on the system since he didn't know the password to login to the desktop. I was going to use hirens boot able USB drive and add an admin account and go that way, but the doctor said he cannot load into the desktop screen.

    I turned on ALienware MX17 laptop and it it's prompting me for a current password (it doesnt display splash screen you cant get enter BIOA) HE HAS BIOS enabled. after 3 tries it gives this error message

    System Disable

    service tag
    [ service tag for machine]

    then i cant continue. I have a hirens bootable usb drive but no go..also it's a 2000 dollar laptop and i dont wanna disassemble it to bypass the password.

    The warranty ended in November so it wil cost 89.99 for the service call but their not open on weekends. I cant do nothing with this BIOS password prompt// all help is greatly appreciated

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    Laptop, take in . Sorry but we can not help with laptops. AUP

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    If it ain't booting from any media your shafted (knackered) your going to have to take it someone who knows what they doing sorry dude

    Laptops are brilliant until they go wrong, and more so when the user forget the BIOS password :/

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