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Thread: Slow response during HP printer management via browser

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    Slow response during HP printer management via browser

    My Color Laserjet 5550dtn suddenly lost its network capability - as shown by disappearance of network address in the printer display panel. I replaced the jetdirect 615n card, and I was then able to access the I/O setup again and set the printer's address to what it was before ( )

    The printer seems to be working OK, but when I try to access the printer via my browser using its address, the screens DO appear, but after a very long delay - sometimes up to two or three minutes. Similar delays occur each time I change the tab being accessed.

    I have set the mask to and the DNS server to (the address of the system router) and have turned off other protocols except TCP/IP.

    I cannot remember the exact settings I had before, so is there anything else I may have missed that is causing this extremely slow response ?

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    It the IP for the printer one that is effected by the lease time?

    You do not want that to happen.

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    Try a different DNS server like Google's:

    or OpenDNS's:

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    Ping times normal? Less than 2ms? Should be <1ms most of the time on a small LAN.

    How does it act when accessing port 80 from another PC? Same slow response?
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