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Thread: Windows 10 is the ugliest yet

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    I think they lost the plot from windows 7 onward ten is not user friendly the user interface has changed somewhat from something that has been successful for decades the operating system itself is a heavy load on your network bandwidth and cpu. Constant updates. Compatibility issues with alot of software and a lack of flexibility in controlling your own system from a deeper level.

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    Well Win 10 has one more bug or something, i 'm 120g ssd, now my win 10 os has increasing and increasing size of if and till total OS and app data gone 80GB(exclude photoshop like apps). after to much digging i found that there is a update cache folder in win OS, when i checked it out.
    There a whole bunch of MS office 2016 updates MSI files was there, then think how much it costing, just about 20GBssss. wt#.
    i have researched and deleted them, Bec i never installed ms office 2016?. why did they even inside my system.

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    When windows 10 updates it stores a old version on your pcof the update in caseyou need to roll back. Just another bad way of working around a pretty standard pc protection protocol.

    I have moved to mac ( which I hate ) but anything is better than windows 10 as a operating system for your pc.

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    I'd love some design tweaks when it comes to Windows 10. It still feels kind of clunky.

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